Referrals and Contacts

Dr Ehrlich is happy to discuss referrals with doctors and optometrist at any time. Urgent referrals are usually associated with sight threatening conditions, such as ocular trauma, uncontrollable glaucoma, suspected retinal tears and wet macular degeneration. Communication is possible via phone, fax, email and even with a skype or facetime linkup, which can be pre-arranged.

Patients may be required to attend the consulting rooms for further investigations, such as fluoroscein angiography, or treatment, such as retinal laser or intraocular injections. Patients requiring rapid review can be seen at either the Box Hill or Wonthaggi rooms.

Rural patients from East Gippsland can utilize the EyeBus, or existing RetinaBus, provided by the Bass Coast Eye Clinic.


Bass Coast Eye Centre provides the EyeBus, a rapid and reliable transport service, covering eastern parts of Victoria. With the complimentary use of the EyeBus, patients can be regularly reviewed with conditions such as macular degeneration and diabetic eye disease.

The EyeBus, of course, will be available for retinal and other eye problems. We have found that a large number of patients and their families are increasingly reluctant to travel through the heavy Melbourne traffic. The Wonthaggi centre provides all the facilities available to large city eye clinics. For referrals, please contact the clinic.